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2 Kings 10:27


They demolished 1  the sacred pillar of Baal and 2  the temple of Baal; it is used as 3  a latrine 4  to this very day.


Le 26:30; De 7:5,25; 1Ki 16:32; 2Ki 18:4; 2Ki 23:7-14; 2Ch 34:3-7; Ezr 6:11; Da 2:5; Da 3:29

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tn Or “pulled down.”

tn The verb “they demolished” is repeated in the Hebrew text.

tn Heb “and they made it into.”

tn The consonantal text (Kethib) has the hapax legomenon מַחֲרָאוֹת (makharaot), “places to defecate” or “dung houses” (note the related noun חרא (khr’)/חרי (khri), “dung,” HALOT 348-49 s.v. *חֲרָאִים). The marginal reading (Qere) glosses this, perhaps euphemistically, מוֹצָאוֹת (motsaot), “outhouses.”

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