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2 Corinthians 10:8


For if I boast somewhat more about our authority that the Lord gave us 1  for building you up and not for tearing you down, I will not be ashamed of doing so. 2 


2Co 1:24; 2Co 7:14; 2Co 12:6; 2Co 13:2,3,8,10; Ga 1:1; 2Ti 1:12

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tn The word “us” is not in the Greek text but is supplied. Indirect objects in Greek were often omitted when clear from the context, and must be supplied for the modern English reader.

tn Grk “I will not be put to shame,” “I will not be ashamed.” The words “of doing so” are supplied to clarify for the reader that Paul will not be ashamed of boasting somewhat more about the authority the Lord gave him (beginning of v. 8).

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