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2 Chronicles 32:22


The Lord delivered Hezekiah and the residents of Jerusalem from the power of King Sennacherib of Assyria and from all the other nations. 1  He made them secure on every side. 2 


Ps 18:48-50; Ps 37:39,40; Ps 48:14; Ps 71:20,21; Ps 73:24; Ps 144:10; Isa 10:24,25; Isa 31:4,5; Isa 33:22; Isa 58:11; Ho 1:7; Joh 16:13; 2Th 3:5

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tn Heb “and from the hand of all.”

tc The Hebrew text reads literally, “and he led him from all around.” However, the present translation assumes an emendation to וַיָּנַח לָהֶם מִסָּבִיב (vayyanakh lahem missaviv, “and he gave rest to them from all around”). See 2 Chr 15:15 and 20:30.

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