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1 Thessalonians 2:3


For the appeal we make 1  does not come 2  from error or impurity or with deceit,


Nu 16:15; 1Sa 12:3; Ac 20:33,34; 2Co 2:17; 2Co 4:2,5; 2Co 7:2; 2Co 11:13; 2Co 12:16-18; 1Th 2:5,6,11; 1Th 4:1,2; 2Pe 1:16

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tn Grk “For our exhortation.” Paul here uses παράκλησις (paraklhsis) to speak in broad terms about his preaching of the gospel, in which he urges or appeals to people to respond to God’s salvation (cf. the verb form παρακαλοῦντος [parakalounto"] in 2 Cor 5:20).

tn Grk “[is] not” (the verb “to be” is implied in the Greek construction).

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