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1 Samuel 20:12


Jonathan said to David, “The Lord God of Israel is my witness. 1  I will feel out my father about this time the day after tomorrow. If he is favorably inclined toward David, will I not then send word to you and let you know? 2 


Jos 22:22; 1Sa 20:2; Job 31:4; Ps 17:3; Ps 139:1-4; Pr 20:5; Pr 25:2,3

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tc The Hebrew text has simply “the Lord God of Israel.” On the basis of the Syriac version, many reconstruct the text to read “[is] my witness,” which may have fallen out of the text by homoioarcton (an error which is entirely possible if עֵד, ’ed, “witness,” immediately followed ַָדוִד, “David,” in the original text).

tn Heb “and uncover your ear.”

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