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1 Samuel 16:14


Now the Spirit of the Lord had turned away from Saul, and an evil spirit 1  from the Lord tormented him.


Jud 9:23; Jud 16:29; 1Sa 11:6; 1Sa 18:10; 1Sa 18:12; 1Sa 19:9,10; 1Sa 28:15; 1Ki 22:22; Ps 51:11; Ho 9:12; Ac 19:15,16

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tn Or “an injurious spirit”; cf. NLT “a tormenting spirit.” The phrase need not refer to an evil, demonic spirit. The Hebrew word translated “evil” may refer to the character of the spirit or to its effect upon Saul. If the latter, another translation option might be “a mischief-making spirit.”

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