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1 Peter 5:14


Greet one another with a loving kiss. 1  Peace to all of you who are in Christ. 2 


Joh 14:27; Joh 16:33; Joh 20:19,26; Ro 1:7; Ro 8:1; Ro 16:16; 1Co 1:30; 1Co 16:20; 2Co 5:17; 2Co 13:12; Eph 6:23; 1Th 5:26; 1Pe 1:2

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tn Grk “a kiss of love.”

tc Most mss (א P 1739c Ï) have ἀμήν (amen, “amen”) at the end of 1 Peter. Such a conclusion is routinely added by scribes to NT books because a few of these books originally had such an ending (cf. Rom 16:27; Gal 6:18; Jude 25). A majority of Greek witnesses have the concluding ἀμήν in every NT book except Acts, James, and 3 John (and even in these books, ἀμήν is found in some witnesses). It is thus a predictable variant. Further, the absence of such a conclusion to the epistle in such witnesses as A B Ψ 81 323 945 1241 1739* co seems inexplicable unless the word here is not authentic.

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