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1 Peter 2:2


And 1  yearn 2  like newborn infants for pure, spiritual milk, 3  so that by it you may grow up to 4  salvation, 5 


2Sa 23:5; Job 17:9; Ps 19:7-10; Pr 4:18; Ho 6:3; Ho 14:5,7; Mal 4:2; Mt 18:3; Mr 10:15; Ro 6:4; 1Co 3:1; 1Co 3:2; 1Co 14:20; Eph 2:21; Eph 4:15; 2Th 1:3; Heb 5:12,13; 1Pe 1:23; 2Pe 3:18

NET © Notes

tn Here “And” has been supplied in the translation to show clearly the connection between vv. 1 and 2.

tn Grk “getting rid of…yearn for.”

tn The word for spiritual in Greek is λογικός (logikos), which is a play on words with the reference in 1:23-25 to the living and enduring word (λόγος, logos) of God, through which they were born anew. This is a subtle indication that the nourishment for their growth must be the word of God.

tn Or “in, in regard to.” But the focus of “salvation” here, as in 1:5, 9, is the future deliverance of these who have been born anew and protected by God’s power.

tc The Byzantine text lacks εἰς σωτηρίαν (ei" swthrian, “to salvation”), while the words are found in the earliest and best witnesses (Ì72 א A B C K P Ψ 33 81 630 1241 1505 1739 al latt sy co). Not only is the longer reading superior externally, but since the notion of growing up [in]to salvation would have seemed theologically objectionable, it is easy to see why some scribes would omit it.

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