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1 Kings 9:7


then I will remove Israel from the land 1  I have given them, I will abandon this temple I have consecrated with my presence, 2  and Israel will be mocked and ridiculed 3  among all the nations.


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tn Heb “I will cut off Israel from upon the surface of the land.”

tn Heb “and the temple which I consecrated for my name I will send away from before my face.”

sn Instead of “I will send away,” the parallel text in 2 Chr 7:20 has “I will throw away.” The two verbs sound very similar in Hebrew, so the discrepancy is likely due to an oral transmissional error.

tn Heb “will become a proverb and a taunt,” that is, a proverbial example of destruction and an object of reproach.

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