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1 Kings 19:3


Elijah was afraid, 1  so he got up and fled for his life to Beer Sheba in Judah. He left his servant there,


Ge 12:12,13; Ge 21:31; Ex 2:15; 1Sa 27:1; 1Ki 4:25; Isa 51:12,13; Am 7:12,13; Mt 26:56,70-74; 2Co 12:7

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tc The MT has “and he saw,” but some medieval Hebrew mss as well as several ancient versions support the reading “he was afraid.” The consonantal text (וַיַּרְא, vayyar’) is ambiguous and can be vocalized וַיַּרְא (from רָאָה, raah, “to see”) or וַיִּרָא (vayyira’, from יָרֵא, yare’, “to fear”).

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