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1 John 2:21


I have not written to you that 1  you do not know the truth, but that 2  you do know it, and that 3  no lie is of the truth.


Pr 1:5; Pr 9:8,9; Ro 15:14,15; 2Pe 1:12

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tn The interpretation of the three ὅτι clauses in v. 21 is very difficult: (1) All three instances of ὅτι (Joti) may be causal (so NASB, NIV, NEB). (2) The first two may be causal while the third indicates content (declarative or recitative ὅτι, so KJV, RSV, TEV, NRSV). (3) However, it is best to take all three instances as indicating content because this allows all three to be subordinate to the verb ἔγραψα (egraya) as compound direct objects. The author writes to reassure his readers (a) that they do indeed know the truth (first two uses of ὅτι) and (b) that no lie is of the truth (third use).

tn See the note on the first occurrence of “that” in v. 21.

tn See the note on the first occurrence of “that” in v. 21.

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