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1 Chronicles 6:60


Within the territory of the tribe of Benjamin they were allotted 1  Geba and its pasturelands, Alemeth and its pasturelands, and Anathoth and its pasturelands. Their clans were allotted thirteen cities in all.


Jos 18:24; Jos 21:17; Jos 21:18; 1Sa 13:3; 1Ki 2:26; 1Ch 8:6; Isa 10:30; Jer 1:1; Jer 11:23; Jer 37:12

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tn The parallel passage in Josh 21:17 adds “Gibeon and its pasturelands” (cf. NAB, NIV, NCV, NLT). The words “they were allotted” are supplied in the translation for both clarity and stylistic reasons.

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