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1 Chronicles 21:12


three 1  years of famine, or three months being chased by your enemies and struck down by their swords, 2  or three days being struck down by the Lord, during which a plague will invade the land and the Lord’s messenger will destroy throughout Israel’s territory.’ 3  Now, decide what I should tell the one who sent me.”


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NET © Notes

tc The parallel text in the MT of 2 Sam 24:13 has “seven,” but LXX has “three” there.

tc Heb “or three months being swept away from before your enemies and the sword of your enemies overtaking.” The Hebrew term נִסְפֶּה (nisppeh, Niphal participle from סָפָה, safah) should probably be emended to נֻסְכָה (nusÿkhah, Qal infinitive from נוּס [nus] with second masculine singular suffix). See 2 Sam 24:13.

tn Heb “or three days of the sword of the Lord and plague in the land, and the messenger [or “angel”] of the Lord destroying in all the territory of Israel.”

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