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1 Chronicles 16:15


Remember 1  continually his covenantal decree, the promise he made 2  to a thousand generations –


De 7:9; Ps 25:10; Ps 44:17; Ps 105:8; Mal 4:4

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tn The Hebrew text has a masculine plural imperative, addressed to the people. Some LXX mss harmonize the wording here to Ps 105:8, which has זָכַר (zakhar), the perfect third masculine singular form of the verb, “He (the Lord) remembers” (so NIV; NEB reads “He called to mind his covenant”).

tn Heb “[the] word he commanded.” The text refers here to God’s unconditional covenantal promise to Abraham and the patriarchs, as vv. 16-18 make clear.

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