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prokoptw prokopto

Origin:from 4253 and 2875
Reference:TDNT - 6:703,939
In Greek:proekopten 1, proekopton 1, proekoqen 1, prokoqousin 3
In NET:has advanced toward dawn 1, I was advancing 1, increased 1, stray 1, they will go 1, will go from bad 1
In AV:increase 2, be far spent 1, profit 1, proceed 1, wax 1
Definition:1) to beat forward
1a) to lengthen out by hammering (as a smith forges metals)
1b) metaph. to promote, forward, further
2) to go forward, advance, proceed
2a) of time: the night is far spent
2b) metaph. to increase, make progress
from 4253 and 2875; to drive forward (as if by beating), i.e.
(figuratively and intransitively) to advance (in amount, to grow; in
time, to be well along):-increase, proceed, profit, be far spent,
see GREEK for 4253
see GREEK for 2875

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