ekphero <1627>

ekferw ekphero

Origin:from 1537 and 5342
In Greek:ekferein 1, ekferousa 1, exenegkantev 2, exenegkate 1, exenegkein 1, exhnegken 1, exoisousin 1
In NET:carried out 2, brought 1, Bring 1, produces 1, they carried out 1, take out 1, they will carry out 1
In AV:carry out 3, bring forth 2, carry forth 1, bear 1
Definition:1) to carry out, to bear forth
1a) the dead for burial
2) to bring i.e. lead out
3) to bring forth, i.e. produce
3a) of the earth bearing plants
from 1537 and 5342; to bear out (literally or figuratively):-bear,
bring forth, carry forth (out).
see GREEK for 1537
see GREEK for 5342

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