tsow'ah <06675>

hawu tsow'ah or hau tso'ah

Pronunciation:tso-aw' tso-aw'
Origin:from 06674
Reference:TWOT - 1884b
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:wtaumw 1, tau 1, hau 1
In NET:excrement 1, filthiness 1, untouched 1
In AV:dung 2, filthiness 2, filth 1
Definition:1) filth, excrement
or tsovah {tso-aw'}: feminine of 6674; excrement; generally,
dirt; figuratively, pollution:-dung, filth(-iness). Marg.
for 2716.
see HEBREW for 06674
see HEBREW for 02716

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