col@lah <05550>

hllo col@lah or hllwo cowl@lah

Pronunciation:so-lel-aw' so-lel-aw'
Origin:from 05549, but used passively
Reference:TWOT - 1506b
PrtSpch:noun feminime act part
In Hebrew:hllo 8, twlloh 2, hllwo 1
In NET:ramp 3, ramps 2, siege ramp 2, works 2, siege ramps 1, siege mounds 1
In AV:mount 8, bank 3
Definition:1) mound
or cowllah {so-lel-aw'}; active participle feminine of 5549,
but used passively; a military mound, i.e. rampart of
besiegers:-bank, mount.
see HEBREW for 05549

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