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(1.00)Psa 81:4

For observing the festival is a requirement for Israel; it is an ordinance given by the God of Jacob.

(0.93)Lev 26:3

“‘If you walk in my statutes and are sure to obey my commandments,

(0.93)1Sa 30:25

From that time onward it was a binding ordinance for Israel, right up to the present time.

(0.93)Psa 119:5

If only I were predisposed to keep your statutes!

(0.93)Psa 119:8

I will keep your statutes. Do not completely abandon me!

(0.93)Psa 119:12

You deserve praise, O Lord! Teach me your statutes!

(0.93)Psa 119:16

I find delight in your statutes; I do not forget your instructions.

(0.93)Psa 119:54

Your statutes have been my songs in the house where I live.

(0.93)Psa 119:68

You are good and you do good. Teach me your statutes!

(0.93)Psa 119:80

May I be fully committed to your statutes, so that I might not be ashamed.

(0.93)Psa 119:155

The wicked have no chance for deliverance, for they do not seek your statutes.

(0.86)Psa 89:31

if they break my rules and do not keep my commandments,

(0.86)Psa 105:10

He gave it to Jacob as a decree, to Israel as a lasting promise,

(0.82)Eze 11:20

so that they may follow my statutes and observe my regulations and carry them out. Then they will be my people, and I will be their God.

(0.82)Eze 20:19

I am the Lord your God; follow my statutes, observe my regulations, and carry them out.

(0.82)Eze 20:25

I also gave them decrees which were not good and regulations by which they could not live.

(0.78)1Ch 16:17

He gave it to Jacob as a decree, to Israel as a lasting promise,

(0.77)Lev 10:11

and to teach the Israelites all the statutes that the Lord has spoken to them through Moses.”

(0.77)Lev 16:31

It is to be a Sabbath of complete rest for you, and you must humble yourselves. It is a perpetual statute.

(0.77)Lev 19:37

You must be sure to obey all my statutes and regulations. I am the Lord.’”