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(1.00)Hos 2:21

“At that time, I will willingly respond,” declares the Lord. “I will respond to the sky, and the sky will respond to the ground;

(0.82)Hos 2:22

then the ground will respond to the grain, the new wine, and the olive oil; and they will respond to ‘God Plants’ (Jezreel)!

(0.58)Job 6:1

Then Job responded:

(0.58)Job 12:1

Then Job answered:

(0.58)Job 19:1

Then Job answered:

(0.58)Job 26:1

Then Job replied:

(0.57)2Ch 30:20

The Lord responded favorably to Hezekiah and forgave the people.

(0.50)Pro 29:19

A servant cannot be corrected by words, for although he understands, there is no answer.

(0.50)Jer 17:23

Your ancestors, however, did not listen to me or pay any attention to me. They stubbornly refused to pay attention or to respond to any discipline.’

(0.49)Job 13:22

Then call, and I will answer, or I will speak, and you respond to me.

(0.49)Psa 102:17

when he responds to the prayer of the destitute, and does not reject their request.

(0.46)Gen 23:5

The sons of Heth answered Abraham,

(0.46)Num 27:15

Then Moses spoke to the Lord:

(0.46)1Ki 5:2

Solomon then sent this message to Hiram:

(0.46)Job 15:1

Then Eliphaz the Temanite answered:

(0.46)Job 18:1

Then Bildad the Shuhite answered:

(0.46)Job 22:1

Then Eliphaz the Temanite answered:

(0.41)2Ki 18:36

The people were silent and did not respond, for the king had ordered, “Don’t respond to him.”

(0.41)Ezr 10:12

All the assembly replied in a loud voice: “We will do just as you have said!

(0.41)Job 9:16

If I summoned him, and he answered me, I would not believe that he would be listening to my voice –