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(1.00) (Eze 29:16)

tn Heb “reminding of iniquity when they turned after them.”

(1.00) (Isa 62:6)

tn Or “invoke”; NIV “call on”; NASB, NRSV “remind.”

(0.80) (2Ti 2:14)

tn Grk “remind of these things,” implying “them” or “people” as the object.

(0.80) (Deu 11:18)

tn On the Hebrew term טוֹטָפֹת (totafot, “reminders”), cf. Deut 6:4-9.

(0.70) (Jos 5:3)

sn The name given to the place, Hill of the Foreskins was an obvious reminder of this important event.

(0.60) (Luk 15:32)

sn By referring to him as your brother, the father reminded the older brother that the younger brother was part of the family.

(0.60) (Jer 32:24)

tn The word “Lord” is not in the text but is supplied in the translation as a reminder that it is he who is being addressed.

(0.60) (Isa 62:8)

tn The Lord’s right hand and strong arm here symbolize his power and remind the audience that his might guarantees the fulfillment of the following promise.

(0.60) (Pro 19:6)

sn The proverb acknowledges the fact of life, but it also reminds people of the value of gifts in life, especially in business or in politics.

(0.60) (Psa 132:1)

sn Psalm 132. The psalmist reminds God of David’s devotion and of his promises concerning David’s dynasty and Zion.

(0.60) (Psa 48:13)

sn The city’s towers, defenses, and fortresses are outward reminders and tangible symbols of the divine protection the city enjoys.

(0.60) (Jos 1:9)

tn Heb “Have I not commanded you?” The rhetorical question emphasizes the importance of the following command by reminding the listener that it is being repeated.

(0.60) (Num 31:54)

tn The purpose of the offering was to remind the Lord to remember Israel. But it would also be an encouragement for Israel as they remembered the great victory.

(0.60) (Exo 28:12)

sn This was to be a perpetual reminder that the priest ministers on behalf of the twelve tribes of Israel. Their names would always be borne by the priests.

(0.60) (Gen 16:11)

sn This clause gives the explanation of the name Ishmael, using a wordplay. Ishmael’s name will be a reminder that “God hears” Hagar’s painful cries.

(0.57) (Isa 8:4)

sn The child’s name foreshadows what will happen to Judah’s enemies; when their defeat takes place, the child will be a reminder that God predicted the event and brought it to pass. As such the child will be a reminder of God’s protective presence with his people.

(0.57) (Exo 28:36)

sn The engraving was a perpetual reminder of the holiness that was due the Lord (Heb “Yahweh”), that all the clothing, the furnishings, and the activities were to come under that description. This corresponded to the symbolism for the whole nation of binding the law between the eyes. It was to be a perpetual reminder of commitment.

(0.57) (Gen 4:15)

tn Heb “sign”; “reminder.” The term “sign” is not used in the translation because it might imply to an English reader that God hung a sign on Cain. The text does not identify what the “sign” was. It must have been some outward, visual reminder of Cain’s special protected status.

(0.50) (Zep 3:12)

sn Safety in the Lord’s presence. From the time the Lord introduced his special covenant name (Yahweh) to Moses, it served as a reminder of his protective presence as Israel’s faithful deliverer.

(0.50) (Eze 21:23)

tn Heb “and he will remind of guilt to be captured.” The king would counter their objections by pointing out that they had violated their treaty with him (see 17:18), thus justifying their capture.

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