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(0.28)Pro 29:18

When there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but the one who keeps the law, blessed is he!

(0.28)Isa 8:2

Then I will summon as my reliable witnesses Uriah the priest and Zechariah son of Jeberekiah.”

(0.28)Jer 23:31

I, the Lord, affirm that I am opposed to those prophets who are using their own tongues to declare, ‘The Lord declares….’

(0.28)Jer 51:61

Then Jeremiah said to Seraiah, “When you arrive in Babylon, make sure you read aloud all these prophecies.

(0.28)Amo 7:13

Don’t prophesy at Bethel any longer, for a royal temple and palace are here!”

(0.28)Joh 2:17

His disciples remembered that it was written, “Zeal for your house will devour me.”

(0.28)Act 2:32

This Jesus God raised up, and we are all witnesses of it.

(0.28)Act 21:10

While we remained there for a number of days, a prophet named Agabus came down from Judea.

(0.28)1Co 14:4

The one who speaks in a tongue builds himself up, but the one who prophesies builds up the church.

(0.28)Rev 10:11

Then they told me: “You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages, and kings.”

(0.28)Jer 23:36

You must no longer say that the Lord’s message is burdensome. For what is ‘burdensome’ really pertains to what a person himself says. You are misrepresenting the words of our God, the living God, the Lord who rules over all.

(0.28)Jer 23:38

But just suppose you continue to say, ‘The message of the Lord is burdensome.’ Here is what the Lord says will happen: ‘I sent word to you that you must not say, “The Lord’s message is burdensome.” But you used the words “The Lord’s message is burdensome” anyway.

(0.28)Jer 28:6

The prophet Jeremiah said, “Amen! May the Lord do all this! May the Lord make your prophecy come true! May he bring back to this place from Babylon all the valuable articles taken from the Lord’s temple and the people who were carried into exile.

(0.28)Lam 2:14

נ (Nun) Your prophets saw visions for you that were worthless lies. They failed to expose your sin so as to restore your fortunes. They saw oracles for you that were worthless lies.

(0.28)Rev 11:6

These two have the power to close up the sky so that it does not rain during the time they are prophesying. They have power to turn the waters to blood and to strike the earth with every kind of plague whenever they want.

(0.24)2Ki 9:25

Jehu ordered his officer Bidkar, “Pick him up and throw him into the part of the field that once belonged to Naboth of Jezreel. Remember, you and I were riding together behind his father Ahab, when the Lord pronounced this judgment on him,

(0.22)Num 23:18

Balaam uttered his oracle, and said, “Rise up, Balak, and hear; Listen to me, son of Zippor:

(0.22)Num 24:20

Then Balaam looked on Amalek and delivered this oracle: “Amalek was the first of the nations, but his end will be that he will perish.”

(0.22)1Ki 13:32

for the prophecy he announced with the Lord’s authority against the altar in Bethel and against all the temples on the high places in the cities of the north will certainly be fulfilled.”

(0.22)Pro 30:1

The words of Agur, the son of Jakeh; an oracle: This man says to Ithiel, to Ithiel and to Ukal: