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(1.00)(1Jo 1:3)

tn Orproclaim.”

(1.00)(1Jo 1:2)

tn Orproclaim.”

(1.00)(Act 10:37)

tn Orproclaimed.”

(1.00)(Act 3:24)

tn Orproclaimed.”

(1.00)(Act 4:2)

tn Orproclaiming.”

(1.00)(Lam 1:21)

tn <i>Hebi> “proclaimed.”

(0.80)(Act 20:27)

tn Orproclaiming,” “declaring.”

(0.70)(Amo 4:5)

tn <i>Hebi> “proclaim voluntary offerings, announce.”

(0.70)(Isa 61:1)

tn Orproclaim good news to.”

(0.70)(Psa 119:26)

tn <i>Hebi> “my ways I proclaimed.”

(0.60)(Jer 20:8)

tn <i>Hebi> “I cry out, I proclaim.”

(0.50)(2Co 11:4)

tn <i>Grki> “another Jesus whom we have not proclaimed.”

(0.50)(Jer 7:2)

tn <i>Hebi> “Proclaim there…” The adverb is unnecessary in English style.

(0.50)(Psa 35:28)

tn <i>Hebi> “and my tongue will proclaim your justice.”

(0.50)(Psa 16:7)

tn <i>Hebi> “bless,” that is, “proclaim as worthy of praise.”

(0.50)(Est 1:20)

tn <i>Hebi> “heard”; KJV, NAB, NLTpublished”; NIV, NRSVproclaimed.”

(0.42)(Act 8:25)

tn <i>Grki> “they were returning to Jerusalem and were proclaiming.” The first imperfect is taken ingressively and the second is viewed iteratively (“proclaimingas they went”).

(0.42)(Mat 11:5)

sn The <i>good news proclaimedi> is the message about the arrival of the kingdom (cf. <data ref="Bible:Mt 10:7">Matt 10:7data>) which the messengers are to go about proclaiming.

(0.40)(Act 16:21)

tn <i>Grki> “proclaiming,” but in relation to customs, “advocatingis a closer approximation to the meaning.

(0.40)(Psa 107:22)

tn <i>Hebi> “and let them proclaim his works with a ringing cry.”