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(1.00) (Gen 34:11)

tn Or “pay.”

(0.80) (1Ch 21:24)

tn Or “without [paying] compensation.”

(0.70) (Mat 24:25)

tn Or “Pay attention!” Grk “Behold.”

(0.60) (2Ki 9:26)

tn Heb “I will pay you back.”

(0.50) (Dan 9:11)

tn Heb “by not paying attention to your voice.”

(0.50) (Isa 65:6)

tn Heb “I will pay back into their lap.”

(0.50) (Num 23:18)

tn The verb probably means “pay attention” in this verse.

(0.40) (2Pe 1:19)

tn Grk “paying attention” (the adverbial participle is either conditional [“if you pay attention”] or instrumental [“by paying attention”]; though there is difference in translation, there is virtually no difference in application). On a lexical level, “pay attention to” (προσέχω [prosechō]) does not, in a context such as this, mean merely observe or notice, but follow, give heed to, obey.

(0.40) (Luk 22:31)

tn Grk “behold” (for “pay attention” see L&N 91.13).

(0.40) (Luk 8:18)

tn Or “Therefore pay close attention”; Grk “Take heed therefore how you hear.”

(0.40) (Eze 2:5)

tn The Hebrew word implies obedience rather than mere hearing or paying attention.

(0.40) (Jer 51:6)

tn Heb “paying to her a recompense [i.e., a payment in kind].”

(0.40) (Jer 32:18)

tn Heb “pays back into the bosom of their children the sin of their parents.”

(0.40) (Psa 70:5)

tn Ps 40:17 has “may the Lord pay attention to me.”

(0.40) (Job 7:17)

tn The expression “set your heart on” means “concentrate your mind on” or “pay attention to.”

(0.40) (Job 2:4)

tc The LXX has “make full payment, pay a full price” (LSJ 522 s.v. ἐκτίνω).

(0.40) (Exo 22:1)

tn The imperfect tense here has the nuance of obligatory imperfect—he must pay back.

(0.35) (Luk 10:35)

sn The two silver coins were denarii. A denarius was a silver coin worth about a day’s pay for a laborer; this would be an amount worth about two days’ pay.

(0.35) (Jer 25:4)

tn Heb “inclined your ear to hear.” This is idiomatic for “paying attention.” It is often parallel with “listen,” as here, or with “pay attention” (see, e.g., Prov 4:20; 5:1).

(0.35) (1Co 7:3)

tn Grk “fulfill the obligation” or “pay the debt,” referring to the fulfillment of sexual needs within marriage.

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