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(1.00)(Exo 24:10)

sn S. R. Driver suggests that they saw the divine Glory, not directly, but as they looked up from below, through what appeared to be a transparent blue sapphire pavement (<i>Exodusi>, 254).

(0.85)(Jer 43:9)

tn The meaning of the expressionmortar of the clay pavementis uncertain. The noun translatedmortaroccurs only here, and the etymology is debated. Both BDB 572 s.v. <span class="hebrew">מֶלֶטspan> and KBL 529 s.v. <span class="hebrew">מֶלֶטspan> give the meaningmortar.” The noun translatedclay pavementis elsewhere used of abrick mold.” Here BDB 527 s.v. <span class="hebrew">מַלְבֵּןspan> 2 givesquadrangle,” and KBL 527 s.v. <span class="hebrew">מַלְבֵּןspan> 2 givesterrace of bricks.” <i>HALOTi> 558 s.v. <span class="hebrew">מֶלֶטspan> and <span class="hebrew">מַלְבֵּןspan> 2 givesloamy soilfor both words, seeing the second noun as a dittography or gloss of the first (see also note c in <i>BHSi>).

(0.80)(Joh 19:13)

sn The precise location of the place called <i>‘The Stone Pavementi> is still uncertain, although a paved court on the lower level of the Fortress Antonia has been suggested. It is not certain whether it was laid prior to <span class="smcaps">a.d.span> 135, however.