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(1.00) (Hab 1:4)

tn Heb “never goes out.”

(0.88) (Joh 10:28)

tn Or “will never die” or “will never be lost.”

(0.88) (Rev 3:5)

tn Or “will never wipe out.”

(0.88) (Joh 11:26)

tn Grk “will never die forever.”

(0.75) (Ecc 9:16)

tn Heb “his words are never listened to.”

(0.62) (Rev 4:8)

tn Or “They never stop saying day and night.”

(0.62) (Joh 9:32)

tn Or “Never from the beginning of time,” Grk “From eternity.”

(0.62) (Amo 8:7)

tn Or “I will never forget all your deeds.”

(0.62) (Psa 55:22)

tn Heb “he will never allow swaying for the righteous.”

(0.62) (Psa 10:11)

tn Heb “God forgets, he hides his face, he never sees.”

(0.62) (Job 10:19)

sn This means “If only I had never come into existence.”

(0.62) (Exo 11:6)

tn Heb “which like it there has never been.”

(0.50) (Joh 8:52)

tn Grk “he will never taste of death forever.” The Greek negative here is emphatic.

(0.50) (Joh 8:51)

tn Grk “he will never see death forever.” The Greek negative here is emphatic.

(0.50) (Joh 4:48)

tn Or “you never believe.” The verb πιστεύσητε (pisteusēte) is aorist subjunctive and may have either nuance.

(0.50) (Joh 4:14)

tn Grk “will never be thirsty forever.” The possibility of a later thirst is emphatically denied.

(0.50) (Hos 7:2)

tn Heb “and they do not say in their heart”; cf. TEV “It never enters their heads.”

(0.50) (Isa 56:11)

sn The phrase never full alludes to the greed of the leaders.

(0.44) (Rom 1:8)

tn Grk “First.” Paul never mentions a second point, so J. B. Phillips translated “I must begin by telling you….”

(0.44) (Rut 2:13)

tn Or “will never be the equivalent of one of your maidservants” (see F. Bush, Ruth [WBC], 107).

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