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Your search "net_strict_index:almost AND book:[1 TO 39]" was found 13 times in the NETBible text. Below is a complete listing of each and every occurence, split into Bible Books. Click on any verse, or [ALL], to see the selected (or all) reference(s).

Psa: 73:2 39:10 119:87 [ALL]
Pro: 5:14 [ALL]
Jos: 10:20 [ALL]
Isa: 13:22 [ALL]
Gen: 27:1 [ALL]
Jdg: 14:17 [ALL]
Jer: 6:4 [ALL]
Zep: 1:7 1:14 [ALL]
Deu: 15:9 [ALL]
Jdg: 19:9 [ALL]

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