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(1.00)Rom 3:14

Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.

(0.93)Rev 16:13

Then I saw three unclean spirits that looked like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

(0.91)Pro 10:11

The teaching of the righteous is a fountain of life, but the speech of the wicked conceals violence.

(0.91)Mat 15:11

What defiles a person is not what goes into the mouth; it is what comes out of the mouth that defiles a person.”

(0.86)Job 33:2

See now, I have opened my mouth; my tongue in my mouth has spoken.

(0.86)Job 41:19

Out of its mouth go flames, sparks of fire shoot forth!

(0.86)Job 41:21

Its breath sets coals ablaze and a flame shoots from its mouth.

(0.86)Psa 78:30

They were not yet filled up, their food was still in their mouths,

(0.86)Psa 115:5

They have mouths, but cannot speak, eyes, but cannot see,

(0.86)Psa 119:131

I open my mouth and pant, because I long for your commands.

(0.86)Psa 135:16

They have mouths, but cannot speak, eyes, but cannot see,

(0.86)Eze 3:2

So I opened my mouth and he fed me the scroll.

(0.85)Rev 14:5

and no lie was found on their lips; they are blameless.

(0.84)Exo 4:15

“So you are to speak to him and put the words in his mouth. And as for me, I will be with your mouth and with his mouth, and I will teach you both what you must do.

(0.82)Job 29:9

the chief men refrained from talking and covered their mouths with their hands;

(0.82)Pro 2:6

For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding.

(0.80)Isa 59:21

“As for me, this is my promise to them,” says the Lord. “My spirit, who is upon you, and my words, which I have placed in your mouth, will not depart from your mouth or from the mouths of your children and descendants from this time forward,” says the Lord.

(0.79)Jer 1:9

Then the Lord reached out his hand and touched my mouth and said to me, “I will most assuredly give you the words you are to speak for me.

(0.78)Job 5:16

Thus the poor have hope, and iniquity shuts its mouth.

(0.78)Psa 17:10

They are calloused; they speak arrogantly.