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(1.00) (Luk 19:24)

tn Grk “the ten minas.”

(0.71) (1Ki 10:17)

sn Three minas. The mina was a unit of measure for weight.

(0.62) (Luk 19:16)

tn See the note on the word “minas” in v. 13.

(0.50) (Deu 1:1)

10 sn Di Zahab. Perhaps this refers to Mina al-Dhahab on the eastern Sinai coast.

(0.31) (Luk 19:13)

sn That is, one for each. A mina was a Greek monetary unit worth 100 denarii or about four months’ wages for an average worker based on a six-day work week.

(0.25) (Luk 19:20)

sn Though ten were given minas, the story stops to focus on the one who did nothing with the opportunity given to him. Here is the parable’s warning about the one who does not trust the master. This figure is called “another,” marking him out as different than the first two.

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