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(1.00)(Psa 104:17)

tn <i>Hebi> “[the] heron [in the] evergreens [is] its home.”

(0.25)(Job 39:13)

tn The point of this statement would be that the ostrich cannot compare to the stork. But there are many other proposals for this linejust about every commentator has a different explanation for it. Of the three words here, the first meanspinion,” the thirdplumage,” and the second probablystork,” although the LXX hasheron.” The point of this whole section is that the ostrich is totally lacking in parental care, whereas the stork is characterized by it. The Hebrew word forstorkis the same word forlove”: <span class="hebrew">חֲסִידָהspan> (<span class="translit">khasidahspan>), an interpretation followed by the NASB. The most likely reading isor are they the pinions and plumage of the stork?” The ostrich may flap about, but cannot fly and does not care for its young.