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(1.00)Exo 23:14

“Three times 1  in the year you must make a pilgrim feast 2  to me.

(1.00)Jdg 9:22

Abimelech commanded 1  Israel for three years.

(1.00)Ezr 2:4

the descendants of Shephatiah: 372;

(1.00)Ezr 2:17

the descendants of Bezai: 323;

(1.00)Ezr 2:32

the descendants of Harim: 320;

(1.00)Ezr 2:34

the men of Jericho: 1  345;

(1.00)Neh 7:9

the descendants of Shephatiah, 372;

(1.00)Neh 7:22

the descendants of Hashum, 328;

(1.00)Neh 7:23

the descendants of Bezai, 324;

(1.00)Neh 7:35

the descendants of Harim, 320;

(1.00)Neh 7:36

the descendants of Jericho, 345;

(0.88)Num 35:14

“You must give three towns on this side of the Jordan, and you must give three towns in the land of Canaan; they must be towns of refuge.

(0.88)Jos 19:6

Beth Lebaoth, and Sharuhen – a total of thirteen cities and their towns,

(0.88)Jos 21:33

The Gershonite clans received thirteen cities and their grazing areas.

(0.88)2Sa 13:38

After Absalom fled and went to Geshur, he remained there for three years.

(0.88)1Ki 7:4

There were three rows of windows arranged in sets of three. 1 

(0.88)Ezr 8:5

from the descendants of Zattu, 1  Shecaniah son of Jahaziel, and with him 300 men;

(0.88)Neh 7:17

the descendants of Azgad, 2,322;

(0.75)Gen 9:28

After the flood Noah lived 350 years.

(0.75)Gen 17:25

his son Ishmael was thirteen years old 1  when he was circumcised.

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