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(1.00)Num 2:19

Those numbered in his division are 40,500.

(1.00)Num 13:25

They returned from investigating the land after forty days.

(1.00)Ezr 2:10

the descendants of Bani: 642;

(1.00)Ezr 2:24

the men of the family 1  of Azmaveth: 42;

(1.00)Ezr 2:34

the men of Jericho: 1  345;

(1.00)Ezr 2:38

the descendants of Pashhur: 1,247;

(1.00)Neh 7:13

the descendants of Zattu, 845;

(1.00)Neh 7:15

the descendants of Binnui, 648;

(1.00)Neh 7:28

the men of the family 1  of Azmaveth, 42;

(1.00)Neh 7:36

the descendants of Jericho, 345;

(1.00)Neh 7:41

the descendants of Pashhur, 1,247;

(1.00)Neh 7:44

The singers: the descendants of Asaph, 148.

(0.88)Deu 9:25

I lay flat on the ground before the Lord for forty days and nights, 1  for he 2  had said he would destroy you.

(0.88)Gen 7:12

And the rain fell 1  on the earth forty days and forty nights.

(0.88)Num 1:33

Those of them who were numbered from the tribe of Ephraim were 40,500.

(0.88)Jdg 3:11

The land had rest for forty years; then Othniel son of Kenaz died.

(0.88)1Sa 17:16

Meanwhile for forty days the Philistine approached every morning and evening and took his position.

(0.88)2Sa 5:4

David was thirty years old when he began to reign and he reigned for forty years.

(0.88)2Ch 9:30

Solomon ruled over all Israel from Jerusalem 1  for forty years.

(0.75)Gen 8:6

At the end of forty days, 1  Noah opened the window he had made in the ark 2 

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