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(1.00)2Ch 3:2

He began building on the second day of the second month of the fourth year of his reign.

(1.00)Job 13:14

Why do I put myself in peril, and take my life in my hands?

(0.86)Deu 9:17

I grabbed the two tablets, threw them down, and shattered them before your very eyes.

(0.71)Eze 32:1

In the twelfth year, in the twelfth month, on the first of the month, the word of the Lord came to me:

(0.57)2Ki 5:23

Naaman said, “Please accept two talents of silver. He insisted, and tied up two talents of silver in two bags, along with two suits of clothes. He gave them to two of his servants and they carried them for Gehazi.

(0.50)1Ki 2:32

May the Lord punish him for the blood he shed; behind my father David’s back he struck down and murdered with the sword two men who were more innocent and morally upright than he – Abner son of Ner, commander of Israel’s army, and Amasa son of Jether, commander of Judah’s army.