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(1.00)Job 35:16

So Job opens his mouth to no purpose; without knowledge he multiplies words.”

(0.71)Jos 20:3

Anyone who accidentally kills someone can escape there; these cities will be a place of asylum from the avenger of blood.

(0.57)Deu 4:42

Anyone who accidentally killed someone without hating him at the time of the accident could flee to one of those cities and be safe.

(0.57)Deu 19:4

Now this is the law pertaining to one who flees there in order to live, if he has accidentally killed another without hating him at the time of the accident.

(0.57)Jos 20:5

When the avenger of blood comes after him, they must not hand over to him the one who committed manslaughter, for he accidentally killed his fellow man without premeditation.