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(1.00)Psa 105:39

He spread out a cloud for a cover, and provided a fire to light up the night.

(0.88)Job 36:30

See how he scattered his lightning about him; he has covered the depths of the sea.

(0.75)Lam 4:4

ד (Dalet) The infant’s tongue sticks to the roof of its mouth due to thirst; little children beg for bread, but no one gives them even a morsel.

(0.62)Lam 1:10

י (Yod) An enemy grabbed all her valuables. Indeed she watched in horror as Gentiles invaded her holy temple – those whom you had commanded: “They must not enter your assembly place.”

(0.62)Lam 1:13

מ (Mem) He sent down fire into my bones, and it overcame them. He spread out a trapper’s net for my feet; he made me turn back. He has made me desolate; I am faint all day long.

(0.50)Joe 2:2

It will be a day of dreadful darkness, a day of foreboding storm clouds, like blackness spread over the mountains. It is a huge and powerful army – there has never been anything like it ever before, and there will not be anything like it for many generations to come!