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(1.00)Deu 29:3

Your eyes have seen the great judgments, those signs and mighty wonders.

(0.83)Deu 10:21

He is the one you should praise; he is your God, the one who has done these great and awesome things for you that you have seen.

(0.83)Psa 138:2

I will bow down toward your holy temple, and give thanks to your name, because of your loyal love and faithfulness, for you have exalted your promise above the entire sky.

(0.83)Isa 9:3

You have enlarged the nation; you give them great joy. They rejoice in your presence as harvesters rejoice; as warriors celebrate when they divide up the plunder.

(0.67)Deu 7:19

the great judgments you saw, the signs and wonders, the strength and power by which he brought you out – thus the Lord your God will do to all the people you fear.