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(1.00)Lev 25:43

You must not rule over him harshly, but you must fear your God.

(1.00)Job 6:14

“To the one in despair, kindness should come from his friend even if he forsakes the fear of the Almighty.

(0.87)Pro 1:29

Because they hated moral knowledge, and did not choose to fear the Lord,

(0.75)Lev 19:14

You must not curse a deaf person or put a stumbling block in front of a blind person. You must fear your God; I am the Lord.

(0.75)Lev 19:32

You must stand up in the presence of the aged, honor the presence of an elder, and fear your God. I am the Lord.

(0.75)Lev 25:17

No one is to oppress his fellow citizen, but you must fear your God, because I am the Lord your God.

(0.75)Lev 25:36

Do not take interest or profit from him, but you must fear your God and your brother must live with you.

(0.63)Isa 11:2

The Lord’s spirit will rest on him – a spirit that gives extraordinary wisdom, a spirit that provides the ability to execute plans, a spirit that produces absolute loyalty to the Lord.