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(1.00)2Sa 5:10

David’s power grew steadily, for the Lord God who commands armies was with him.

(1.00)1Ch 11:9

David’s power steadily grew, for the Lord who commands armies was with him.

(1.00)Job 3:19

Small and great are there, and the slave is free from his master.

(1.00)Jer 10:6

I said, “There is no one like you, Lord. You are great. And you are renowned for your power.

(0.71)2Sa 3:38

Then the king said to his servants, “Do you not realize that a great leader has fallen this day in Israel?

(0.71)Est 9:4

Mordecai was of high rank in the king’s palace, and word about him was spreading throughout all the provinces. His influence continued to become greater and greater.

(0.71)Est 10:3

Mordecai the Jew was second only to King Ahasuerus. He was the highest-ranking Jew, and he was admired by his numerous relatives. He worked enthusiastically for the good of his people and was an advocate for the welfare of all his descendants.

(0.71)Nah 1:3

The Lord is slow to anger but great in power; the Lord will certainly not allow the wicked to go unpunished.He marches out in the whirlwind and the raging storm; dark storm clouds billow like dust under his feet.

(0.57)1Sa 25:36

When Abigail went back to Nabal, he was holding a banquet in his house like that of the king. Nabal was having a good time and was very intoxicated. She told him absolutely nothing until morning’s light.