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(1.00)Psa 69:18

Come near me and redeem me! Because of my enemies, rescue me!

(1.00)Pro 10:14

Those who are wise store up knowledge, but foolish speech leads to imminent destruction.

(0.71)Gen 19:20

Look, this town over here is close enough to escape to, and it’s just a little one. Let me go there. It’s just a little place, isn’t it? Then I’ll survive.”

(0.71)Zep 3:2

She is disobedient; she refuses correction. She does not trust the Lord; she does not seek the advice of her God.

(0.57)Deu 15:9

Be careful lest you entertain the wicked thought that the seventh year, the year of cancellation of debts, has almost arrived, and your attitude be wrong toward your impoverished fellow Israelite and you do not lend him anything; he will cry out to the Lord against you and you will be regarded as having sinned.