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(1.00)Pro 12:13

The evil person is ensnared by the transgression of his speech, but the righteous person escapes out of trouble.

(1.00)Pro 29:6

In the transgression of an evil person there is a snare, but a righteous person can sing and rejoice.

(0.86)Pro 28:2

When a country is rebellious it has many princes, but by someone who is discerning and knowledgeable order is maintained.

(0.86)Dan 8:12

The army was given over, along with the daily sacrifice, in the course of his sinful rebellion. It hurled truth to the ground and enjoyed success.

(0.71)Mic 1:5

All this is because of Jacob’s rebellion and the sins of the nation of Israel. How has Jacob rebelled, you ask? Samaria epitomizes their rebellion! Where are Judah’s pagan worship centers, you ask? They are right in Jerusalem!