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(1.00)Exo 22:12

But if it was stolen from him, he will pay its owner.

(1.00)Psa 50:18

When you see a thief, you join him; you associate with men who are unfaithful to their wives.

(0.86)Pro 29:24

Whoever shares with a thief is his own enemy; he hears the oath to testify, but does not talk.

(0.71)Gen 40:15

for I really was kidnapped from the land of the Hebrews and I have done nothing wrong here for which they should put me in a dungeon.”

(0.71)Deu 24:7

If a man is found kidnapping a person from among his fellow Israelites, and regards him as mere property and sells him, that kidnapper must die. In this way you will purge evil from among you.

(0.71)Jer 2:26

Just as a thief has to suffer dishonor when he is caught, so the people of Israel will suffer dishonor for what they have done. So will their kings and officials, their priests and their prophets.