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(1.00)Lev 10:20

When Moses heard this explanation, he was satisfied.

(0.87)Gen 41:37

This advice made sense to Pharaoh and all his officials.

(0.87)Exo 1:20

So God treated the midwives well, and the people multiplied and became very strong.

(0.75)Deu 1:23

I thought this was a good idea, so I sent twelve men from among you, one from each tribe.

(0.75)1Ki 3:10

The Lord was pleased that Solomon made this request.

(0.75)Est 1:21

The matter seemed appropriate to the king and the officials. So the king acted on the advice of Memucan.

(0.63)Gen 45:16

Now it was reported in the household of Pharaoh, “Joseph’s brothers have arrived.” It pleased Pharaoh and his servants.

(0.63)Jdg 18:20

The priest was happy. He took the ephod, the personal idols, and the carved image and joined the group.

(0.63)Rut 3:7

When Boaz had finished his meal and was feeling satisfied, he lay down to sleep at the far end of the grain heap. Then Ruth crept up quietly, uncovered his legs, and lay down beside him.

(0.63)2Sa 3:36

All the people noticed this and it pleased them. In fact, everything the king did pleased all the people.

(0.63)Est 2:4

Let the young woman whom the king finds most attractive become queen in place of Vashti.” This seemed like a good idea to the king, so he acted accordingly.

(0.63)Jer 38:20

Then Jeremiah answered, “You will not be handed over to them. Please obey the Lord by doing what I have been telling you. Then all will go well with you and your life will be spared.

(0.50)Jos 22:30

When Phinehas the priest and the community leaders and clan leaders who accompanied him heard the defense of the Reubenites, Gadites, and the Manassehites, they were satisfied.

(0.50)Jos 22:33

The Israelites were satisfied with their report and gave thanks to God. They said nothing more about launching an attack to destroy the land in which the Reubenites and Gadites lived.

(0.50)Jdg 19:9

When the man got ready to leave with his concubine and his servant, his father-in-law, the girl’s father, said to him, “Look! The day is almost over! Stay another night! Since the day is over, stay another night here and have a good time. You can get up early tomorrow and start your trip home.”

(0.50)1Sa 18:5

On every mission on which Saul sent him, David achieved success. So Saul appointed him over the men of war. This pleased not only all the army, but also Saul’s servants.

(0.50)Neh 2:6

Then the king, with his consort sitting beside him, replied, “How long would your trip take, and when would you return?” Since the king was amenable to dispatching me, I gave him a time.

(0.50)Est 5:14

Haman’s wife Zeresh and all his friends said to him, “Have a gallows seventy-five feet high built, and in the morning tell the king that Mordecai should be hanged on it. Then go with the king to the banquet contented.” It seemed like a good idea to Haman, so he had the gallows built.

(0.50)Jer 40:9

Gedaliah, the son of Ahikam and grandson of Shaphan, took an oath so as to give them and their troops some assurance of safety. “Do not be afraid to submit to the Babylonians. Settle down in the land and submit to the king of Babylon. Then things will go well for you.