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(1.00)2Ch 4:11

Huram Abi made the pots, shovels, and bowls. He finished all the work on God’s temple he had been assigned by King Solomon.

(0.88)1Ch 14:1

King Hiram of Tyre sent messengers to David, along with cedar logs, stonemasons, and carpenters to build a palace for him.

(0.88)2Ch 2:11

King Huram of Tyre sent this letter to Solomon: “Because the Lord loves his people, he has made you their king.”

(0.88)2Ch 4:16

and the pots, shovels, and meat forks. All the items King Solomon assigned Huram Abi to make for the Lord’s temple were made from polished bronze.

(0.88)2Ch 8:2

Solomon rebuilt the cities that Huram had given him and settled Israelites there.

(0.88)2Ch 9:10

(Huram’s servants, aided by Solomon’s servants, brought gold from Ophir, as well as fine timber and precious gems.

(0.71)2Ch 2:3

Solomon sent a message to King Huram of Tyre: “Help me as you did my father David, when you sent him cedar logs for the construction of his palace.

(0.71)2Ch 2:12

Huram also said, “Worthy of praise is the Lord God of Israel, who made the sky and the earth! He has given David a wise son who has discernment and insight and will build a temple for the Lord, as well as a royal palace for himself.

(0.71)2Ch 8:18

Huram sent him ships and some of his sailors, men who were well acquainted with the sea. They sailed with Solomon’s men to Ophir, and took from there 450 talents of gold, which they brought back to King Solomon.

(0.71)2Ch 9:21

The king had a fleet of large merchant ships manned by Huram’s men that sailed the sea. Once every three years the fleet came into port with cargoes of gold, silver, ivory, apes, and peacocks.