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(1.00)Job 5:3

I myself have seen the fool taking root, but suddenly I cursed his place of residence.

(1.00)Job 9:23

If a scourge brings sudden death, he mocks at the despair of the innocent.

(1.00)Job 22:10

That is why snares surround you, and why sudden fear terrifies you,

(1.00)Psa 64:4

in order to shoot down the innocent in secluded places. They shoot at him suddenly and are unafraid of retaliation.

(1.00)Pro 3:25

You will not be afraid of sudden disaster, or when destruction overtakes the wicked;

(1.00)Pro 24:22

for suddenly their destruction will overtake them, and who knows the ruinous judgment both the Lord and the king can bring?

(0.86)Jos 10:9

Joshua attacked them by surprise after marching all night from Gilgal.

(0.86)Pro 6:15

Therefore, his disaster will come suddenly; in an instant he will be broken, and there will be no remedy.

(0.86)Pro 7:22

Suddenly he went after her like an ox that goes to the slaughter, like a stag prancing into a trapper’s snare

(0.86)Isa 29:5

But the horde of invaders will be like fine dust, the horde of tyrants like chaff that is blown away. It will happen suddenly, in a flash.

(0.86)Isa 48:3

“I announced events beforehand, I issued the decrees and made the predictions; suddenly I acted and they came to pass.

(0.86)Jer 51:8

But suddenly Babylonia will fall and be destroyed. Cry out in mourning over it! Get medicine for her wounds! Perhaps she can be healed!

(0.71)Num 6:9

“‘If anyone dies very suddenly beside him and he defiles his consecrated head, then he must shave his head on the day of his purification – on the seventh day he must shave it.

(0.71)Num 12:4

The Lord spoke immediately to Moses, Aaron, and Miriam: “The three of you come to the tent of meeting.” So the three of them went.

(0.71)Jos 11:7

Joshua and his whole army caught them by surprise at the Waters of Merom and attacked them.

(0.71)Isa 30:13

So this sin will become your downfall. You will be like a high wall that bulges and cracks and is ready to collapse; it crumbles suddenly, in a flash.

(0.71)Isa 47:11

Disaster will overtake you; you will not know how to charm it away. Destruction will fall on you; you will not be able to appease it. Calamity will strike you suddenly, before you recognize it.

(0.71)Jer 4:20

I see one destruction after another taking place, so that the whole land lies in ruins. I see our tents suddenly destroyed, their curtains torn down in a mere instant.

(0.71)Jer 6:26

So I said, “Oh, my dear people, put on sackcloth and roll in ashes. Mourn with painful sobs as though you had lost your only child. For any moment now that destructive army will come against us.”

(0.71)Jer 15:8

Their widows will become in my sight more numerous than the grains of sand on the seashores. At noontime I will bring a destroyer against the mothers of their young men. I will cause anguish and terror to fall suddenly upon them.