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(0.53)Psa 27:5

He will surely give me shelter in the day of danger; he will hide me in his home; he will place me on an inaccessible rocky summit.

(0.53)Psa 31:20

You hide them with you, where they are safe from the attacks of men; you conceal them in a shelter, where they are safe from slanderous attacks.

(0.53)Psa 56:6

They stalk and lurk; they watch my every step, as they prepare to take my life.

(0.53)Pro 1:11

If they say, “Come with us! We will lie in wait to shed blood; we will ambush an innocent person capriciously.

(0.53)Eze 7:22

I will turn my face away from them and they will desecrate my treasured place. Vandals will enter it and desecrate it.

(0.44)Jos 2:4

But the woman hid the two men and replied, “Yes, these men were clients of mine, but I didn’t know where they came from.

(0.44)Psa 31:19

How great is your favor, which you store up for your loyal followers! In plain sight of everyone you bestow it on those who take shelter in you.

(0.44)Sos 7:13

The mandrakes send out their fragrance; over our door is every delicacy, both new and old, which I have stored up for you, my lover.

(0.44)Jer 16:17

For I see everything they do. Their wicked ways are not hidden from me. Their sin is not hidden away where I cannot see it.

(0.35)Exo 2:3

But when she was no longer able to hide him, she took a papyrus basket for him and sealed it with bitumen and pitch. She put the child in it and set it among the reeds along the edge of the Nile.