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(1.00)Pro 23:20

Do not spend time among drunkards, among those who eat too much meat,

(1.00)Pro 23:21

because drunkards and gluttons become impoverished, and drowsiness clothes them with rags.

(0.86)Isa 56:12

Each one says, ‘Come on, I’ll get some wine! Let’s guzzle some beer! Tomorrow will be just like today! We’ll have everything we want!’

(0.86)Nah 1:10

Surely they will be totally consumed like entangled thorn bushes, like the drink of drunkards, like very dry stubble.

(0.57)Eze 23:42

The sound of a carefree crowd accompanied her, including all kinds of men; even Sabeans were brought from the desert. The sisters put bracelets on their wrists and beautiful crowns on their heads.