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(1.00)Rev 18:7

As much as she exalted herself and lived in sensual luxury, to this extent give her torment and grief because she said to herself, ‘I rule as queen and am no widow; I will never experience grief!’

(0.99)Jam 4:9

Grieve, mourn, and weep. Turn your laughter into mourning and your joy into despair.

(0.71)Rev 18:8

For this reason, she will experience her plagues in a single day: disease, mourning, and famine, and she will be burned down with fire, because the Lord God who judges her is powerful!”

(0.71)Rev 21:4

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death will not exist any more – or mourning, or crying, or pain, for the former things have ceased to exist.”