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(1.00) (Act 23:29)

sn Despite the official assessment that no charge against him deserved death or imprisonment, there was no effort to release Paul.

(1.00) (Luk 21:38)

sn Jesus’ teaching was still quite popular with all the people at this point despite the leaders’ opposition.

(1.00) (Ecc 2:9)

tn Heb “yet my wisdom stood for me,” meaning he retained his wise perspective despite his great wealth.

(0.86) (Act 7:9)

tn Though the Greek term here is καί (kai), in context this remark is clearly contrastive: Despite the malicious act, God was present and protected Joseph.

(0.86) (Act 5:25)

sn Obeying God (see v. 29), the apostles were teaching again (4:18-20; 5:20). They did so despite the risk.

(0.86) (Luk 18:8)

sn Will he find faith on earth? The Son of Man is looking for those who continue to believe in him, despite the wait.

(0.86) (Dan 2:33)

sn Clay refers to baked clay, which despite being hard was also fragile. Compare the reference in v. 41 to “wet clay.”

(0.86) (Eze 21:29)

sn The second half of the verse appears to state that the sword of judgment would fall upon the wicked Ammonites, despite their efforts to prevent it.

(0.86) (Lam 2:1)

sn Chapter 2 continues the use of feminine epithets (e.g., “Daughter Zion”) despite initially portraying Jerusalem as an object destroyed by the angered enemy, God.

(0.86) (Isa 47:9)

tn For other examples of the preposition bet (בְּ) having the sense of “although, despite,” see BDB 90 s.v. III.7.

(0.86) (Psa 106:1)

sn Psalm 106. The psalmist recalls Israel’s long history of rebellion against God, despite his mighty saving deeds on their behalf.

(0.86) (Psa 56:1)

sn Psalm 56. Despite the threats of his enemies, the psalmist is confident the Lord will keep his promise to protect and deliver him.

(0.71) (Eze 24:13)

tn Heb “because I cleansed you.” In this context (see especially the very next statement), the statement must refer to divine intention and purpose. Despite God’s efforts to cleanse his people, they resisted him and remained morally impure.

(0.71) (Ecc 1:4)

tn The participle עֹמָדֶת (ʿomadet, “to stand”) emphasizes a continual, durative, uninterrupted state (present universal condition). Man, despite all his secular accomplishments in all generations, makes no ultimate impact on the earth.

(0.71) (Psa 119:115)

tn The psalmist has already declared that he observes God’s commands despite persecution, so here the idea must be “so that I might observe the commands of my God unhindered by threats.”

(0.71) (Psa 22:10)

sn Despite the enemies’ taunts, the psalmist is certain of his relationship with God, which began from the time of his birth (from the time I came out of my mother’s womb).

(0.71) (1Ki 22:46)

sn Despite Asa’s opposition to these male cultic prostitutes (see 1 Kgs 15:12) some of them had managed to remain in the land. Jehoshaphat finished what his father had started.

(0.71) (Gen 43:34)

tn Heb “and they drank and were intoxicated with him” (cf. NIV “drank freely with him”; NEB “grew merry”; NRSV “were merry”). The brothers were apparently relaxed and set at ease, despite Joseph’s obvious favoritism toward Benjamin.

(0.57) (2Pe 2:16)

tn The Greek word ἄφωνος (aphōnos) means “mute, silent” or “incapable of speech.” For reasons of English style the word “dumb” was used in the translation. Despite the potential for misunderstanding (since “dumb” can refer to a lack of intellectual capability) more dynamic glosses were judged to be inelegant.

(0.57) (Act 28:31)

sn Proclaiming…with complete boldness and without restriction. Once again Paul’s imprisonment is on benevolent terms. The word of God is proclaimed triumphantly and boldly in Rome. Acts ends with this note: Despite all the attempts to stop it, the message goes forth.

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