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(1.00)(Pro 16:33)

tn <i>Hebi> “all its decision.”

(0.88)(Zep 3:8)

tn <i>Hebi> “for my decision is.”

(0.88)(Isa 28:7)

tn <i>Hebi> “[in] giving a decision.”

(0.75)(Psa 76:8)

tn <i>Hebi> “a [legal] decision,” orsentence.”

(0.75)(Job 12:20)

tn <i>Hebi> “taste,” meaningopinionordecision.”

(0.62)(Pro 21:1)

snHeartis a metonymy of subject; it signifies the ability to make decisions, if not the decisions themselves.

(0.50)(Luk 20:13)

sn The owners decision to send his <i>one dear soni> represents God sending Jesus.

(0.50)(Mar 12:6)

sn The owners decision to send his <i>one dear soni> represents God sending Jesus.

(0.50)(Mat 21:37)

sn The owners decision to send his son represents God sending Jesus.

(0.50)(Isa 11:4)

tn <i>Hebi> “make decisions with rectitude”; cf. ASV, NRSVand decide with equity.”

(0.50)(Pro 31:5)

tn The verb meanschange,” perhaps expressed in reversing decisions or removing rights.

(0.50)(Job 9:4)

sn The <i>hearti> is the seat of intelligence and understanding, the faculty of decision making.

(0.50)(1Ki 1:21)

tn The wordsif a decision is not madeare added for clarification.

(0.44)(Gen 34:5)

sn The expected response would be anger or rage, but Jacob <i>remained silenti>. He appears too indifferent or confused to act decisively. When the leader does not act decisively, the younger zealots will, and often with disastrous results.

(0.44)(Rev 17:17)

tn On this term BDAG 203 s.v. <span class="greek">γνώμηspan> 4 states, “<i>declaration, decision, resolutioni>…of God Rv <data ref="Bible:Re 17:17">17:17data>.”

(0.44)(Luk 16:5)

tn Here <span class="greek">καίspan> (<span class="translit">kaispan>) has been translated assoto indicate the result of the managers decision.

(0.44)(Eze 24:6)

tn Herelotmay refer to the decision made by casting lots; it is not chosen at all.

(0.44)(Job 14:5)

tn The word <span class="hebrew">חֹקspan> (<span class="translit">khoqspan>) has the meanings ofdecree, decision, and limit” (cf. <data ref="Bible:Job 28:26">Job 28:26data>; <data ref="Bible:Job 38:10">38:10data>).

(0.44)(1Ki 7:7)

tn <i>Hebi> “and a porch for the throne, where he was making judicial decisions, the Porch of Judgment, he made.”

(0.38)(Pro 16:10)

tn <i>Hebi> “oracle” (so NAB, NIV) ordecision”; TEVthe king speaks with divine authority.” The term <span class="hebrew">קֶסֶםspan> (<span class="translit">qesemspan>) is used in the sense oforacle; decision; verdict” (<i>HALOTi> 1115-16 s.v.). The pronouncements of a king form an oracular sentence, as if he speaks for God; they are divine decisions (e.g., <data ref="Bible:Nu 22:7">Num 22:7data>; <data ref="Bible:Nu 23:23">23:23data>; <data ref="Bible:2Sa 14:20">2 Sam 14:20data>).