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(0.59)Exo 27:17

All the posts around the courtyard are to have silver bands; their hooks are to be silver, and their bases bronze.

(0.59)2Ch 20:5

Jehoshaphat stood before the assembly of Judah and Jerusalem at the Lord’s temple, in front of the new courtyard.

(0.59)Jer 38:13

So they pulled Jeremiah up from the cistern with ropes. Jeremiah, however, still remained confined to the courtyard of the guardhouse.

(0.59)Jer 38:28

So Jeremiah remained confined in the courtyard of the guardhouse until the day Jerusalem was captured.The following events occurred when Jerusalem was captured.

(0.59)Eze 41:14

and also the width of the front of the temple and the courtyard on the east as 175 feet.

(0.58)Exo 38:18

The curtain for the gate of the courtyard was of blue, purple, and scarlet yarn and fine twisted linen, the work of an embroiderer. It was thirty feet long, and like the hangings in the courtyard, it was seven and a half feet high,

(0.58)Neh 8:16

So the people went out and brought these things back and constructed temporary shelters for themselves, each on his roof and in his courtyard and in the courtyards of the temple of God and in the plaza of the Water Gate and the plaza of the Ephraim Gate.

(0.58)Exo 27:9

“You are to make the courtyard of the tabernacle. For the south side there are to be hangings for the courtyard of fine twisted linen, one hundred fifty feet long for one side,

(0.58)Exo 38:9

He made the courtyard. For the south side the hangings of the courtyard were of fine twisted linen, one hundred fifty feet long,

(0.58)Joh 18:15

Simon Peter and another disciple followed them as they brought Jesus to Annas. (Now the other disciple was acquainted with the high priest, and he went with Jesus into the high priest’s courtyard.)

(0.55)Jer 37:21

Then King Zedekiah ordered that Jeremiah be committed to the courtyard of the guardhouse. He also ordered that a loaf of bread be given to him every day from the baker’s street until all the bread in the city was gone. So Jeremiah was kept in the courtyard of the guardhouse.

(0.53)Eze 40:17

Then he brought me to the outer court. I saw chambers there, and a pavement made for the court all around; thirty chambers faced the pavement.

(0.53)Eze 41:13

Then he measured the temple as 175 feet long, the courtyard of the temple and the building and its walls as 175 feet long,

(0.51)Lev 6:26

The priest who offers it for sin is to eat it. It must be eaten in a holy place, in the court of the Meeting Tent.

(0.51)1Ki 6:36

He built the inner courtyard with three rows of chiseled stones and a row of cedar beams.

(0.51)2Ki 20:4

Isaiah was still in the middle courtyard when the Lord told him,

(0.51)2Ki 21:5

In the two courtyards of the Lord’s temple he built altars for all the stars in the sky.

(0.51)2Ch 24:21

They plotted against him and by royal decree stoned him to death in the courtyard of the Lord’s temple.

(0.51)Jer 33:1

The Lord spoke to Jeremiah a second time while he was still confined in the courtyard of the guardhouse.

(0.51)Jer 39:15

Now the Lord had spoken to Jeremiah while he was still confined in the courtyard of the guardhouse,